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CFO Strategic understands the key needs of ASX Listed companies - working as part of the business, seamlessly integrating into the management team and fulfilling CFO and Company Secretary requirements. We have broad experience and are experts at ensuring best practice financial leadership for businesses. Our expertise and proven track records allow us to immediately and successfully take over any strategic or operational finance role whether created by growth, unexpected executive departures or interim requirements.


Chief Financial Officer


  • Strategic plans
  • Growth alternatives evaluation
  • Structure and resourcing


  • Board reports and presentations
  • Manage financial reporting framework and implement financial reporting models to ensure timely and accurate monthly financial reporting
  • Annual statutory reporting requirements


  • Manage finance and accounting functions
  • Management of all finance and accounting staff, mentoring, training and
  • Manage financial reporting framework and implement financial reporting guidance, performance reviews

Operational Efficiency:

  • Implementation of procedures and policies
  • IT improvements - system analysis & implementation

Raising Funds:

  • Preparation of share purchase plans, rights issues, private placement
  • Debt financing and covenant negotiations
  • Government grants and incentives: R&D, export marketing and development grants

Compliance and Risk:

  • Preparation for and management of audit process
  • Taxation compliance management
  • ASIC and statutory, compliance
  • Risk management and internal control implementation

Company Secretary Role


  • ASX listing compliance - statutory reporting, continuous disclosure requirements, prepare and release company announcements
  • Ensure ASIC and other statutory compliance
  • Compliance with constitution
  • Statutory registers and records maintained


  • Board of directors meetings
  • Members meetings and AGMs
  • Accurate timely documentation – notices, agendas, board papers, minutes, resolutions


  • Terms of reference, timetables and organisation and guidance
  • Audit and risk committees
  • Remuneration committees
  • Governance committees


  • Relationships and introductions to local professional service providers and facilitators
  • Supplier selection and management - auditors, tax advisers, bankers, legal advisers, facilities and infrastructure, insurers


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