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CFO Strategic understands the key needs of foreign subsidiary companies in Australia. Working as part of the business we support the local team to achieve the business goals. We have broad experience and are experts at ensuring the proper establishment and running of the business. Our expertise and customized tools ensure rapid implementation of governance processes, policies, procedures, modelling, and reporting. This enables foreign companies to seize opportunities for growth and success in Australia and be confident of a well-run subsidiary.


  • Strategic plans to match head office imperatives
  • Growth alternatives evaluation
  • Structure and resourcing

Corporate Structure and Setup:

  • Entity selection
  • Registrations and licenses
  • Tax registrations and compliance work
  • Establish accounting and business system processes

Business Model Development:

  • Devise and analyse business plans
  • Create budgets
  • Create forecasts and scenarios

Develop Reporting Framework:

  • Develop and build tailored reporting framework to satisfy overseas owners
  • Management accounts (monthly / year to date / key performance indicators)
  • Cash flow and forecasts

Governance - Local:

  • CFO Role
  • Company secretarial role
  • Public Officer Role
  • Resident Director
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Audit preparation

Head Office Communication and Support:

  • Independent authorisations, delegations and controls management
  • Meet head office reporting deadlines and templates
  • Set-up reporting online for cloud access to information
  • Co-ordinate with head office audit requirements
  • Expanded roles in line with business needs until handover & transition to full-time permanent roles.


  • Relationships and introductions to professional service providers and facilitators - private equity and investors, auditors, tax advisers, bankers, legal advisers, facilities and infrastructure, insurers etc


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