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Article Collection - The Ideal CFO Series

If you need financial leadership in your organisation but not sure where to start, our Ideal CFO Series will guide you through the entire process.

Work out if you need a CFO and what kind of CFO is best suited to your organisation, as well as what level of expertise you need at this stage of your business lifecycle. We’ll also share our job description template and provide valuable advice on recruiting, interviewing and firing your CFO. It’s the ultimate guide to finding a CFO who will help your business reach its potential.

Do You Need to Hire a CFO?

How do you know when it’s time to hire a CFO?
These six questions will help you work out whether a CFO will be a help or a hindrance.

The 6 Types of CFO

Not sure if you need a CFO in your business full time?
There are other options available, including virtual CFOs and CFO consulting firms.

What Level of CFO Expertise Do You Need?

The level of CFO expertise you need will depend on whether your business is in an emerging, growth or established stage of its lifecycle.

6 Reasons You Need A Family Office CFO

If you are looking for an independent family office CFO who understands how to balance the needs of your family and business, get in touch with our team.

How to Recruit a CFO for Your Business

Now that you know what level of CFO expertise you need, it’s time to start looking for a CFO.
But where do you start?

How to Write a CFO Job Description

A good job description will help you narrow down the list of candidates and make sure you hire the right CFO for the job.

What to Look for in a CFO Candidate

The best way to find the right CFO is to ask the right questions.
These seven questions will help you narrow down your shortlist.

10 Tips for Interviewing a CFO

Cover off these 10 areas and you’ll increase your chances of finding a CFO with the right skills, experience, cultural fit and leadership ability.

How to Fire Your CFO

Whether your CFO is fired, leaves voluntarily or resigns, there are a few things you need to consider before they walk out the door.

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