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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you design a solution to meet my exact business needs?
Yes we believe that all businesses require a strong financial leader although the form that takes must be tailored for the business size and the issues it is specifically faces. We don't have a one-size-fits-all approach.

Where do you work?
At your business's offices. We work as part of the team, hands on and we are not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done. In circumstances where it is preferable for the work to be performed offsite or interstate or internationally we work to the businesses requirements.

How many days will you work in the business?
We work to meet the business's exact requirements. In periods of establishment or intense change this may be all the time or where there is reduced need or a specific project we work as much or as little as is needed to deliver the outcomes.

Will you be involved with my business for the long term?
Absolutely. We are committed to the long term relationships with each business. Even where our involvement reduces for a period due to changed business needs we remain committed to working with the business and continue to provide flexible expertise as required.

Will I work with the same member of your team?
All businesses are a priority for a specific member of the CFO Strategic team. In circumstances where a number of issues need to be solved concurrently we can also field additional resource to speed up the solution eg. CFO role and system implementation role or establishment of CFO role/finance function and acquisition due diligence.

Are all your staff qualified?
Yes all staff are graduate and post graduate qualified and have more than 15 years executive experience.

Do you only perform CFO roles?
No we also work as Business Consultants, Company Secretaries, CEOs, COOs, mentors or project managers where required. We have experience in a variety of general management and operational roles which we draw on in meeting the exact requirements for each business.

Are your services charged on an hourly or fixed basis?
We tailor our rates to meet the specific business requirements and role. Fees may be structured as fixed project rates, monthly retainers or on daily or hourly rates.

Will I have certainty regarding the costs?
Absolutely. All fees are discussed and agreed up front to ensure that you have full confidence in the value of we will deliver and the related fees.

Do you provide outsourced accounting services?
We provide executive expertise and do not delegate our senior roles to less qualified staff. We also have support staff to assist emerging or growing businesses with their accounting function.

Do you provide recruitment services?
We are not recruitment agents but we can assist in recruitment of any finance or administration staff using our expert knowledge of the skills and competencies necessary, our detailed job descriptions and our network of contacts among recruitment agents we can ensure the right calibre of person is sourced for your business.

Will you work with our current CFO?
Yes we have on many occasions augmented an existing team. We are experienced in working with other Finance professionals and can take a lead, secondary, mentoring or project role within an existing team.

Will you work with our external accountants?
Yes we are experienced in working with external financial, legal, banking and investment advisers and can work seamlessly with your current team or provide introductions to our network of contacts.

If there are any questions don't hesitate to contact us.
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